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Screen4Life uses a non-invasive, rapid, and painless melanoma screening device that has been specifically designed with and for GPs and skin specialists. Our scanner has been tested and validated by a wealth of clinical research.

By assisting and accelerating the diagnostic process, we enable the medical professional to quickly scan and make a decision to refer a customer, excise a lesion or immediately assure them that their lesion is not suspicious.

Our technology is unique in that it scans and visualises haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen up to 2mm under the skin. This provides medical professionals with a wealth of previously unavailable information to assist them in making an instant clinical decision about a lesion during a patient consultation. The science behind our technology SIAscopy understands the way that light interacts with the skin; the manner in which it scatters or bounces, the amount absorbed by cells and other structures along with the different changes in wavelength or colour.

By understanding these interactions and comparing the light sent into skin with light that comes back out, SIAscopy is able to determine the nature and position of many of the different components of the skin. Our software is able to present this information in a usable way for the medic to make an informed diagnosis.

Screen4Life is used by some of Britainís best known brands

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