Skin Cancer Facts

Are you at risk?
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What is your skin cancer risk factor?

Please note there is no such thing as zero risk. This survey will identify which group you fall within looking at typical risk factors and indicators. The result will be below average, average or above average. Whatever the result, we recommend that you avoid sunburn. If you have any concerns about your moles, speak to your family GP as soon as possible.

1. Did you have severe, repeated sunburn as a child?

2. Do you have fair skin?

3. Do you have naturally blonde or red hair?

4. Do you have naturally blue, green, or hazel eyes?

5. Do you have more than 20 moles?

6. Have you ever had any type of cancer?

7. Is there a family history of skin cancer?

8. Have you ever taken immunosuppressive* drugs?
9. Have any moles recently changed shape / become itchy / irritated or started weeping? (If Yes, we recommend you see your GP)
* Immunosuppressive drugs protect the body from infection after an organ transplant.  

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