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Essential ON-SITE Health MOT - £50.

Health screening is one of the most popular benefits available. Screen4life offers a quality and affordable Health Screening Service on-site for busy people.

Undertaken by a nurse and results are immediate
Screening Process is undertaken in 20 minutes
Customer receives a personalised biometric report

What does the Essential Health MOT include?

1. Heart Rate
2. Blood Pressure Test
3. Cholesterol Blood Test
4. Diabetes Test
5. Body Mass Index (BMI) Assessment

Other health Screens available - £30 each

Stomach/Digestive disorders
Gluten intolerance

Other cancer tests - £50 and taking no more than 15 minutes each

Prostate cancer (PSA blood test)
Bladder cancer (urine sample)
Bowel cancer (take at home test kit for faecal occult blood)
Breast cancer (educational piece on self examination delivered by a trained nurse)

Each customer receives a personalised biometric report

Contact Screen4Life at or on 0780 361 0075

Screen4Life is used by some of Britainís best known brands

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