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Detected early, melanoma is treatable. Detected late, it is usually fatal.

Screen4Life's unique skin imaging technology enables our medical team to see what is going on under the surface of the skin and detect the early signs of cancer.

The screening is undertaken by our Nurse Specialists. The aim is to identify moles which show early signs of skin cancer by analysing characteristics beneath the surface of the mole - signs which may not be visible to the naked eye. We use patented technology developed at Cambridge University and clinically tested at Addenbrooke's, one of the UK’s leading teaching hospitals.

Screening is safe, non-invasive and painless. The process is quick and the results are immediate - enabling rapid referral to a specialist

The five elements of a mole scan





"Shown here are the five elements that make up a mole scan, using Screen4Life's SIAscope."




The skin imaging technology is capable of viewing what is going on 2mm under the surface of the skin. This information helps a specialist to make a clear and informed assessment of a mole.

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