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Affordable and accessible health screening

Traditionally, health screening been expensive and has been aimed at corporate executives and the well-off. For the majority, the main barriers preventing people taking up health screening has been affordability and accessibility.

For this reason, and with the support of our retail partners, we have taken Skin Cancer Screening out of the hospital and clinical environment and into the retail space. Now Screen4Life customers can have their skin cancer screen in the comfort and convenience of a Health and Sports Club, Airport Lounge, Retail Shopping Mall, Pharmacy or Golf Club etc.

Our People and Technology

At the heart of our service is our friendly, approachable, helpful medical staff and our unique skin imaging technology. Screening is non invasive, harmless and painless. Typically, a screen lasts around 25 minutes and the results are immediate.

Reassurance and Rapid Referral

Our screening service is designed to give immediate reassurance where there is no evidence of cancer.

In some cases, the medical team may want you to monitor your moles regularly due to your medical background. In a few cases, the nurse will refer your results to our consultant dermatologist.

This may result in you being referred to a specialist, via your GP, for further tests and possible treatment.

For more details and to book your Mole Screening appointment, please call 0780 361 0075 or email

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