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Screen4Life provides a popular and affordable cancer & health screening service which will improve the health and motivation of your staff.

Employee screenings are performed on-site on your company's premises, maximising convenience and minimising the time spent away from work.

Cancer screening is relatively low cost and can be designed to match your budget.

Flexible Charging Structure

For skin cancer screeining Screen4Life provides a full day’s screening for companies from £1,710 per day (based on one nurse operated scanner providing 18 scans per day (25 mins per employee).

There are three charging options for companies

Option 1
Company Paid
Pays £1,710 per day (18 employees)
Free to Staff (Company paid for benefit)
Option 2
Company Subsidised
Pays 50% of cost (£47.50 per screening)
Pay £47.50 per screening
Option 3
Employee Paid
No Charge for Company
Pay £95 per screening

Private Health Insurance / Cash Plans

Do you have private health insurance or a cash plan?

Does your policy include a provision for ‘Health Screening’?

If so, you may be able to claim up to 100% of the total cost of your annual screening back. In many cases, this is one of the most underused allowances in a policy, often because of the cost. With our skin cancer screening costing less than £100 per person, you could have no out-of-pocket expense at all!

Flexible Benefits

Many employers are now including screening within Flexible Benefits. Through Salary Sacrafice, there is no National Insurance or Tax to be paid. Therefore, for a higher-rate tax payer, the cost of a £95 screening reduces by 42%, and 32% for a basic-rate tax payer.

Four good reasons for choosing Screen4Life

  • SIAscopy specialists
    Skin Cancer Screening Service using the latest skin imaging technology, designed to give reassurance and early detection of any potential problem.
  • Quick and Convenient
    Our distributed service means that we can offer you the benefit of a screening service on your own company premises. An individual screening takes 25 minutes.
  • Low Cost and Flexible Pricing:
    This service can be offered as a voluntary benefit (employee paid), company-paid or company subsidised benefit.
  • Internal Promotion of Skin Cancer Screening
    We can advise on the promotion of this scheme internally and when required can produce all promotional material (staff emails, posters, leaflets etc.)
For more details and for more details on our company schemes, please call 0780 361 0075 or email

Screen4Life is used by some of Britainís best known brands

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