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About us

Screen4Life is a leading cancer screening specialist, dedicated to the prevention and early detection of certain cancers.

Skin cancer is on the increase and more people die from skin cancer in the UK than in Australia. The good news is that early detection saves lives.

Our mission is to make high quality screening affordable and accessible to everyone. We have achieved this through our pioneering distribution strategy, which has seen skin cancer screening move out of the confines of the hospital or clinics and into the office environment.

Employees can now have their moles checked at their place of work.

Other tests and screening options are available including Bowel, Bladder, Prostate, and an educational piece on Breast cancer. We also offer health MOT's testing blood pressure, diabetes monitoring, cholesterol (total and HDL), BMI and heart rate.

Rapid referral to a specialist

At the heart of Screen4Life's service is our unique skin imaging technology and our dedicated healthcare and logistics team.

Our unique skin imaging technology enables our medical team to see what is going on under the surface of the skin. The process is non invasive, painless and harmless.

Results are immediate and there are typically three outcomes:

  •  All clear

  •  All clear, but because of medical history, we recommend regular checking of moles.

  •  In a few cases, Screen4Life's doctor and SIAscopy specialist may decide to refer a customer for further tests via their GP.

For more details and to book your skin cancer screening appointment, please call 0780 361 0075 or email

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